For those of you who might be curious about where I’ve been, the answer is nowhere. Having come back from nowhere, I’m pleased to announce that I will be leaving, tomorrow, for Seattle, followed by Vancouver, B.C., Canada on Wednesday. I shall be out of the country for the remainder of the month, and will return in time to start spring term at Portland State.

I hope to get some personal work done before school and work reclaim all my time. I’ve been working two jobs, and taking a full-time course-load, so obviously I haven’t touched this corner of the internet in a good long while. I might try to make an effort to do something here. I also might not. More on that later.

Happy Spring Break to those of you who have one, when you have one.

Not dead. — Me

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Pencil Drawings of Pokemon by Rocky Hammer.

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HQ art from the english site

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theres so many kitkats ive never had im crying

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