Did you know?
Jimmy loves walnut.
It’s his favorite wood.
If he could, he would
Have a walnut block
To hold his knives,
And a board to cut
Things, made of the same.

Another year, another time I can’t think of a good April fools joke.

My coworker Joe always writes his name on his water cup at work. I usually push down a combination of the buttons on the drink lid to mark mine, so I can tell it’s mine by feel, and so it isn’t obvious that it’s expressly mine to somebody else. For the same reason that I replaced Joe’s water with pickle juice after I asked him to get me something from the back.

Poor Joe.

Made it back to the States.

Canada has been good.

Any Vancouver followers still alive?

Made it to Seattle. I’m not sure what we want to do with the day, but I’ve insisted on visiting the Central Library. Other than that, my itinerary is open. Any good restaurants in this city?

For those of you who might be curious about where I’ve been, the answer is nowhere. Having come back from nowhere, I’m pleased to announce that I will be leaving, tomorrow, for Seattle, followed by Vancouver, B.C., Canada on Wednesday. I shall be out of the country for the remainder of the month, and will return in time to start spring term at Portland State.

I hope to get some personal work done before school and work reclaim all my time. I’ve been working two jobs, and taking a full-time course-load, so obviously I haven’t touched this corner of the internet in a good long while. I might try to make an effort to do something here. I also might not. More on that later.

Happy Spring Break to those of you who have one, when you have one.

Not dead. — Me
The Red Wedding is based on a couple real events from Scottish history. One was a case called The Black Dinner. The king of Scotland was fighting the Black Douglas clan. He reached out to make peace. He offered the young Earl of Douglas safe passage. He came to Edinburgh Castle and had a great feast. Then at the end of the feast, [the king’s men] started pounding on a single drum. They brought out a covered plate and put it in front of the Earl and revealed it was the head of a black boar — the symbol of death. And as soon as he saw it, he knew what it meant. They dragged them out and put them to death in the courtyard. The larger instance was the Glencoe Massacre. Clan MacDonald stayed with the Campbell clan overnight and the laws of hospitality supposedly applied. But the Campbells arose and started butchering every MacDonald they could get their hands on. No matter how much I make up, there’s stuff in history that’s just as bad, or worse. George R.R. Martin on the Red Wedding (via existentialcrisisfactory)

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